January 2007

From correspondents in Bangkok

January 01, 2007 04:07pm
Article from: Agence France-Presse

A SMALL homemade bomb exploded at a mosque in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai on today, injuring a Myanmar migrant worker, police said.

Witnesses told police that two men riding a motorcycle threw the explosive device at the mosque in central Chiang Mai.

The migrant suffered moderate injuries to his arm and hand, while the garage and some lights at the mosque were damaged, police said.

Police refused to say if they thought the attack was linked to the bomb blasts that killed three on New Year’s Eve in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai has the biggest Muslim community outside the insurgency-plagued provinces of southern Thailand, but the two communities have little in common other than their shared religion.

While the southern provinces along the Malaysian border suffer almost daily attacks that have killed more than 1700 people over three years, no insurgent violence has been reported in Chiang Mai.


Today we set off from Chiang Mai City to head north with Dn Hwee Lee, Auntie Jeannie. After about several hours drive, we were at Fang to visit Rev Robert Peh and his wife Dara at their farm orphanage.

Nelson began to experience an onset of fever at this time. Perhaps due to fatigue from the activities in the past few days. Nonetheless, we had a good time interacting with the children there as well as having Rev Peh show us around the orphanage. They reared cows, pigs and even grew rice. After 6 years there, they were able to built many new structures on their own. Such as the 2 storey bamboo house for guests.

While we were there, we met Teck Hiow from Calvary, who as a retired naval service men had come to teach the children english. He was planning to use his english teaching diploma to go into the mission field to tell the gospel. His “post-retirement” 2nd career. Praise God! We also saw 3 christian university young adults from Singapore who have decided to come up to Fang to help Rev Peh out with the ministry to the children. As university students ourselves, it was heartening to see student from other universities like SMU and NTU come to the mission field too. And some of them were only 1st year students. Perhaps yet another encouragement for tertiary students who have the luxury of an extended break to go out to preach the gospel to the many souls who have not heard the news of Salvation, of loosening the bonds of sin, of peace that surpasseth all understanding, of love unconditional.

Interestingly enough, Nelson found his ex-economics jc lecturer, Elder Victor Wee in virtually all the photos there. Elder Victor Wee is the resident/”borrowed” Elder since his retirement and has been staying in the orphanage for alternate months. Thank God for him. Nelson remembers him as always being a caring, jovial teacher and one of the few who were zealous for the Lord in his time in teaching service at Saint Andrews’ Junior College.

Later we headed towards our hotel in Chiang Rai. Nelson’s fever continued, as he took medicine and had an early night. Prayed that God would heal him or at least sustain him to see all that He had instore for us in the coming days of visiting some of the other mission work by Singaporeans in Northen Thailand.