This morning is what we’ve spent the past 2 weeks planning, shopping, arranging, practicing, tracting for the 1st church service of Lighthouse BP!

Worship Leader P’Gade
Worship Leader P’Gade.

Thanksgivings and worship
Thanksgiving and worship


Preaching of The Word
Preaching of The Word

Who were at the Service…
Brother Nathaniel (Preacher/Pianists/Translator)
P’Gade (Worship Leader/Scripture Reading)
Koi (Guitarist, though the guitar did not work out eventually)
Ying (Offering)
Sister Patricia
John, Geoff, Christy
Nelson Lim, David Cher
Auntie Hwee Lee
Auntie Jeannie
Ruth and Ilona
Aruni, Gina and friend.
P’Ploy and her son Zack
Timothy Chen
P’Took and her daughter Aor
Apple, Apple’s Mum and sister

What a sizable number. Thank God for allowing the service to proceed smoothly. We had a time of thanksgiving as Auntie Jeannie, Nelson, Sis Pat, P’Gade and Auntie Hwee Lee gave thanks for 2006. Followed which, Brother Nathaniel gave a message on giving thanks to God at all times. In all things give thanks, for that is the will of God in Christ Jesus.

After the service, we had fellowship and lunch. Nice fruit cake from Mrs Heng. The lunch packets were very spicy though. Even P’Gade and Ying said it was too spicy.

We were really thankful that Apple’s mother and sister came. The sudden death of Apple’s father came as a mystery to us. I was not sure why would God take his life so suddenly and have it occur as we were planning to start the church. But God really did make all things work together for the good of those who love Him. If not for the funeral and our outpouring of love and concern for Apple, her mother would not have been touched and come for the church service. She even expressed a desire to want to come again next week. Praise God!
Michel was not able to make it for the service as he had to visit John(Gina’s dad had suffered a stroke and was in critical condition) in the hospital. Aruni also made a request that the church pray for Gina’s dad together, which we did.

Everything ended by about 2pm. Praise God for His mercies and blessings.