In the morning we headed out for the Elephant show and later the umbrella making factory with Auntie Hwee Lee, Auntie Jeannie, Koi and Ying. The elephant show was rather interesting, while Chiang Mai is famous for its traditional umbrella making industry.

Today, we started work with the linoleum and the floor. As Dr Henry(the owner of the place), is quite particular about the floor, we did not want any scratches from the chairs or tables. First, we had to move that heavy piano away before we could lay the lino. It was much easier to slide it out then it was to slide it back in late. So there we were measuring, cutting and finally taping the lino down with duct tape. Later it was rearranging the chairs and tables.

We also went through the songs for worship. Nice and simple ones, like Amazing Grace
The whole room looked a lot brighter with the lighter coloured linoleum wood grain pattern and it went well with the dark parquet flooring.

P’Ploy and Timothy also bought flowers for tomorrow. Sis Pat was arranging them for tomorrow. It’s exciting to see what will happen tomorrow for the 1st service. Who will come and what will happen.