Today, we resumed meeting for the new church. We made up measurements and went out to search for linoleum for the flooring(as we did not want to scratch the parquet flooring) as well as cushions. We found the linoleum, but the cushions were either too expensive or not suitable.

We are still planning the order of worship and much discussions needed even as we have finished stamping the hymnbooks and tracts that we’ve got with our address of the new church. There are plans for illuminated sign posts to direct people into the church from the beginning of the Soi (street). These are just some of the logistics.

The death of Apple’s dad, being the 3rd such death in a year, as really gotten us thinking about our own unsaved parents. Nelson, Koi, Ying and P ‘Gade all have parents who have yet to recieve the Lord. Koi and Ying have started calling their fathers more often due to this incident. Bro Nat talked about how he would desire that reaching out to whole families will be a hallmark or distinctive of the Lighthouse BP, just like Galilee. Here in Thailand whole families are less likely to come to Christ then in Singapore, as those who recieve Christ often are ostracised in the family. How much time do we have to do the Lord’s work? to reach out to our loved ones? to be good stewards of the time God has given us all. Do we live lifes that are effective for the Lord? or do we simply take things as they come and allow the tide of time, season, fashion and fad to blur our ultimate purposes and objectives in life… emerging out of mid-life or in retirement realising we have not been what we could have been for the Lord? This isn’t talk about full-time ministry, for we are all called to be full-time workers for the Lord(no part-time Christians). It’s about prudence in following the will of God, considering every step that we desire to always be in the will of God.

We also heard news that the gay student whom we invited is going back home and so will not be able to make it for the service on the 31st. We’ve invited at least one other student, pray that they will be able to come.

Prayer requests remain pretty much the same with some additions

Prayer Requests:

  1. A late thanks-giving but we thank God for allowing our stomaches to adapt here. No more flatulence. Continue to pray that God will keep us in good health to do His work!
  2. Pray for the safe arrival of Deaconess Hwee Lee and Auntie Jeannie as they are scheduled to arrive at 8am on the 28th.
  3. Pray for the Lord’s guidance as Nelson bids for his modules for next semester(in particular, if the Lord will lead him to take Japanese 4 the next semester or wait a semester due to the heavy workload). For David, please pray for prudence and wisdom as he files for graduation.
  4. Pray for the continual planning of the church. We will meet again tomorrow. Pray that the Satan and his minions will not be able to disrupt the activities. That God’s hand of protection will be upon us, who seek to do His will. Pray that this new church will be a Lighthouse to this area, that it will be pleasing in the sight of the Lord and that He will add to the numbers so that lighthouse BP will continue to expect great things from the Lord attempt great things for Him too.
  5. Pray for the people who will come to this new church that God will free up their schedule and prepare their hearts for His love.
  6. Pray for Brother Nat, as he seeks the Lord with regards to decisions on how to support his family and work in Chiang Mai as well as important decisions to how the Lord leads in his ministry that it may be well-established and fruitful because the Lord will give rise and support to those whose hearts are completely His (2 Chron16:9a).
  7. Pray for Bro Nat as we talk more about how he will fund raise for his ministry’s work here in Chiang Mai.
  8. Thank God that we hear that some of the Church youths are interested in the proposed missions sub committee to look into youth missions in Chiang mai. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts for young Galileans who are willing to sacrifice their time for the Lord’s work in missions where we have all been called to make disciples of all nations(Matt 28:19). Pray also for wisdom as we continue to discuss and plan for establishing an avenue for youth missions as well as for God to provide the right people to come together to establish God’s work. We cannot do this alone, and God knows who He has purposed to do His work.